Used bikes Montreal

Welcome to Used Bikes

Used bikes montreal was started from the simple idea of being able to provide anyone and everyone a nice vintage used bike to cruise around town or to communute to work. All our bikes are purchased or given to us. We also we do buy your old bike.


Used Bikes Montreal is your online place to find for classic & vintage bicycles and parts. Here you can find refurbished classic and vintage bicycles and parts. We offer vintage bikes and classic frames by: MarinoniAtala, Colnago, Mercier, Bottecchia, Eddy MerckxGiosCiöc, Dancelli, Edi StroblCinelli and other legends of vintage cycling! Are you looking for vintage bike, custom built singlespeed or fixie? 

Congrats! You found yourself just the right place.

The way we work is simple, we take appart every single part of the bike, clean it up, oil, grease it up and reinstall it. We change all brake & gear cables, housing if required, handlebar tape, grips....

Everything that needs to be changed on the bike is replaced. This allows Used Bikes Montreal to provide only the highest quality of high performance, peugeot, marinoni used bikes in the region of Montreal and the surroundings.